How to prepare for a long flight with a toddler

If you are wondering how to prepare for a long flight with a toddler, I have few suggestions for you.

Having the perfect agenda for your vacation is as important as preparing your toddler for what is to come. So here are some suggestions that I hope will make your trip much easier as it did for me.

  • Change sleeping schedule

Before your travel, make gradual changes in your toddler’s sleeping and waking time as well as yours by going to bed a little earlier every night.

  • Explain them where you are going and what to expect

Before our first overseas trip with our kid, I bought couple of books that talk about the places we were visiting. We’d read them every night and she knew that we were visiting some of those places.

It was quite nice seeing how she was able to identify the iconic places once we were actually there. These are the books: Molly goes to Barcelona and This is Paris.

  • Upgrade to premium economy or get a seat for your child

We flew with Air France from SFO to CDG, and we decided to get a seat even though our daughter wasn’t 2 years old. The reason? It would have been very hard on us to carry her during the whole flight.

Also hard for her not to be able to strech, move freely and have some space to play and to be able to take a long comfortable nap.

Getting a baby bassinet wasn’t an option since she was too big for that. She wouldn’t have stayed inside and that would’ve just wasted space. We upgraded to premium economy for the 3 of us.

I can tell you that for my daughter was great, she loved having her own space. For me, I didn’t like the seats that much. I was definitely expecting a lot more inclination on the seats than what it actually had but being in a separate cabin made a big difference.

So, if you are traveling make sure you check out all your options and choose what works best for you and your family.

Check out how our trip went here.

How do you prepare before going on a long flight? Share your tips with us!

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