One day visiting Tulum Mexico with the family

During our stay in Rivera Maya we spent one day visiting Tulum ruins and beach. Tulum is a beautiful area in Rivera Maya. Tulum’s ruins are located on top of tall cliffs along the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in the Caribbean Sea. The views here are amazing and the ruins are breath taking.

You can buy a tour, or just your entrance ticket and explore Tulum by yourself. We spent around one hour and a half walking around the ruins. It was beautiful but also very hot. There was no shade so do not forget your hat and water.

 A day visiting Tulum ruins

When you drive to ‘Centro Artesanal Tulum’, you will find lots of clothing and souvenir stores …as well as people offering tours to go on a boat. There are a few restaurants, and Starbucks for coffee lovers.

Oh, don’t forget to buy some water!

Here you can start the ten minute walk to the entrance of the ruins where you can buy the tickets. Or, you can pay a few pesos to take the carriage; it is actually a tractor pulling a carriage.

If visiting Tulum with kids, I highly recommend saving these ten minutes for the walk within Tulum and after. Remember that most likely it’ll be hot.

Once you are inside there is no place to shop or buy water/food.

We brought our umbrella stroller, though we had to leave it few times at the bottom of the stairs to go higher and explore other areas.

Walking in Tulum. You can see our stroller down the road.

If visiting Tulum ruins, you are allowed to bring towels and swim suits inside the ruins. Most of the time the stairs to go down and access the beach are open.  You can go for a refreshing swim before finishing your exploration of the pyramids and ruins. That beach is very pretty – so don’t miss the chance to swim in the same place as ancient Mayans did.

Beach access from Tulum ruins

Tulum Beach

To go out, you have two options. You can either go back the same way you entered, or keep walking to the opposite side and exit through the back access gate. That takes you to an small street. If you start walking left you can reach Tulum Beach. That is what I did, but someone had to go back to get the car.

Family walking to Tulum Beach

You may prefer to go back and exit the ruins and then drive to the beach. It is a nice beach, not too crowded, white sand, and blue water. There are small restaurants, nothing fancy, but they serve you right at the beach.

Once we reached the beach, we had some fresh coconut water and some food from one of the local restaurants. You are allowed to use their tables/chairs by the beach when purchasing food.

My toddler, my bump and me doing some yoga by Tulum Beach

Kids can really enjoy this beach. This was after a rainy day. That explains the old seaweed. We stayed there around four hours. We ate, and played in the water and sand before heading back.

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