The perfect stroller to travel the globe

Have you ever been in the dilemma of ‘to take or not to take a stroller’ with you?
Well, I have to say that it happens to me all the time. Even when going out to the mall I often find myself wondering that.
Do I really need the stroller?, because, after all, who enjoys carrying all that baby/child gear every time?. And, if you are traveling some where, you need to make sure not just that you need a stroller but that you can actually use and carry it with you.

The stroller

                Globetrotter in Paris

I have been through a few strollers in the past 4 years. At least I remember 4 of them. maybe not a lot, but 4 strollers is a lot of money that I wish I could have saved. Especially after realizing I could just have stuck to one.

 My all time favorite for being small, light, compact, but still functional that fits perfectly when traveling and on-the-go is this Maclaren Globetrotter Stroller.
This Globetroller really keeps up to its name
Yes, I know there are other strollers that fold. But there is not a way you can go on a walk while carrying them on your shoulder.
I like this umbrella stroller because there are many situations when there is just no space for a stroller and you need to make it disapear.  For example restaurants, going up/down the stairs to catch the train, or inside the actual train, small cars, buses, etc. But soon after, you actually need a fully functional stroller for your toddler to nap or to be ready for a long, long walk.
This is light enough to carry it when folded but big enough for kids to be comfortable, shade and storage under the stroller for diaper bag.
I’m sure we all have different needs. So if you thing this is not the perfect stroller for your trips take a look at the other models that Maclaren has. You may find something you like.
Take a look at my trip to Paris and how useful this stroller was to explore the city.

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