Traveling to Paris with a toddler

If you are traveling to Paris with a toddler you may find this useful.

One of my favorite trips has been when we traveled to Paris with our toddler when she was almost 2 years old. The fact that she was able to enjoy it certainly made it easier for us to relax and enjoy our 5 days visiting Paris.

Flight to Paris with a toddler

We flew with Air France SFO to CDG in premium economy. That gave us access to the premier club at the airports where we were able to relax and enjoy some drinks while waiting for the flights. We mostly used it on our way back from CDG to SFO. It was definitely a lot more comfortable than the regular gate area. Some of the great things about the premier club are big restrooms that are kid friendly, a lot more space to hang out, nice snacks, and less people. Waiting for our flight to start boarding was quite pleasant.

Premium economy was worth it.

The food options in premium economy are better than the main cabin. Another great thing is that the restrooms for premium economy are the same as the business class ones. You get less people, less noise, and better chances to enjoy your flight, or at least more reasons not to hate it. All of this made diaper changes easier.

An eleven hours non-stop flight where I was well-equipped to help my toddler have a good time, and, at the same time, let others rest. For more details take a look at my previous post, My must have when flying with a toddler.

Play time in Paris

The hotel and transportation

We arrived at CDG, the biggest airport in Paris, and after picking up our suitcases and stroller headed out to take a taxi. We did not carry a car seat with us, and it is not required if traveling in a taxi.

The driver took us to Hotel Du Cadran located in the 7th arrondissement very close to the Eiffel Tower. The drive took around 40 minutes.

Just for you to know, drivers in Paris like driving fast and close to each other. We took a taxi as well on our way back to the airport on our last day.

Hotel Du Cadran was great: nice helpful desk personal, good breakfast, and we could see the tip of the Eiffel Tower from our window.

The rest of the time we walked or used Paris Métro. You can buy a carnet of ten tickets, and save money at €14,50 for the carnet. One ticket would be €1,90. You can easily buy the tickets at the vending machines near Métro stations.

I highly recommend staying close to a Métro station if you are traveling to Paris with a toddler. I have to mention that Métro Stations are not designed for strollers, so for us it was perfect to bring an umbrella stroller and be able to fold it and carry it on a shoulder up and down the stairs. Some stations have lots of stairs.

Exploring inside Louvre Museum. Egyptian toddler

The jet lag

As I mentioned in my previous post about How to prepare for a long flight with a toddler, before we traveled we adjusted our sleeping schedule for about 1 hour or so. That way the time zone change wouldn’t be as bad on us.

We didn’t get much sleep during the flight, maybe a couple of hours. So when we arrived in Paris at 10am, it was 3am for our biological clock. We did outdoor activities to help our body adjust and let the natural light remind us to be awake.

Our daughter took one nap while we were walking in Champ de Mars and was awake for the rest of the day.

Napping under Eiffel Tower

Hello Paris, Bye bye jet lag!

The first day though we all went to bed early and had a long sleep. Next morning we were feeling great.

The food

Traveling to Paris with a toddler and finding the right food can be challenging. I guess it all depends on how open is your kid to eating new things.

I will tell you what I did, hoping it will help you plan your meals in Paris better.

Since breakfast at the hotel was included and quite good, we ate a good meal in the morning before leaving the hotel.

For lunch, I did some research before traveling looking for potential restaurants/markets close to the places I would be visiting with my family but a few times we ended up in a non-researched place.

These are a few places that we visited:

  1. La Palette: I ate croque monsieur
  2. La Maison Angelina: hot chocolate and delicious pastries. Close to Louvre
  3. Brasserie de la Tour Eiffel. Wasn’t impressed. Expensive, meh service, average food.

You could also try these places that I had in mind but couldn’t visit:

  • Super Nature: Organic food market, I hear lunch is good.
  • Be Boulangepicier: eat in/take out sandwiches

Hope there was something useful for your next trip. Don’t forget to share with me your questions or suggestions. Did I miss something?

Oh, stay tuned for the second part of ‘Traveling to Paris with a toddler’ where I’m going to share my five-day itinerary in Paris.

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